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Understanding Your Rights After a USPS Truck Collision: How a USPS Accident Lawyer Can Help

A USPS accident occurs when a vehicle operated by the United States Postal Service (USPS) collides or crashes into other vehicles, pedestrians, or stationary objects.

According to a report by the Wall Street Journal, USPS truck drivers often violate safety rules, leading to an increasing number of vehicle crashes and fatalities.

Usually, the victims of such road accidents can pursue a personal injury claim and get compensation from the party responsible. However, when a mail truck is involved in an accident, the situation is complex due to its status as a federal government vehicle.

As a government entity, the USPS enjoys certain immunities and exceptions in legal processes. Pursuing a claim against a federal institution requires navigating a unique set of legal procedures that differ from standard auto accident claims.

At The Dressie Law Firm, we understand the unique challenges of securing compensation for personal injury in such cases. From our years of experience, we know how important the right approach is for those involved in accidents involving government vehicles. Whether it’s a direct collision or a multi-vehicle crash, we can help you understand your rights and options if you’ve been involved in a USPS accident and fight to ensure you get justice and the compensation you deserve.

Common Causes of USPS Accidents

USPS truck accidents are a matter of serious concern, impinging upon the safety of the public and the postal workers themselves. According to the USPS, most of these incidents  are caused by factors such as :

  • Distracted Driving: Distracted driving is extremely dangerous because it takes the driver’s attention away from the road, increasing the risk of accidents. Whether it’s texting, eating, or adjusting the radio, any distraction can lead to slower reaction times, impaired decision-making, and a higher likelihood of missing crucial events, such as sudden stops or changes in traffic. This affects not only the driver but also passengers, pedestrians, and other road users, leading to potentially severe injuries or fatalities.
  • Environmental Conditions: Adverse weather conditions, such as ice or snow, or challenges like uneven roads may increase the risk of mail delivery accidents.
  • Driver Inexperience and Improper Training: Insufficient training and driver inexperience can lead to mishandling of vehicles, especially in complex traffic scenarios.

From the above, it might be safe to say that many USPS accidents are the fault of the USPS or the USPS driver involved. What options do the victims have in such circumstances? Find out more below.

Legal Rights and Compensation for USPS Accidents 

Generally, personal injury victims can claim compensation (damages) if someone else is responsible for their injury. Victims may seek compensation for a spectrum of losses, encompassing medical expenditures, loss of income, and psychological trauma.

In grievous circumstances culminating in fatal outcomes, bereaved families might also pursue wrongful death claims to secure justice and compensation.

USPS victims also have these rights. However, unlike regular motor accident cases that can be resolved by the at-fault driver’s insurance company or through a personal injury lawsuit, USPS claims follow a different procedure, which you must understand to avoid making costly mistakes. 

Filing a Claim Against USPS

Personal injury claims against the USPS and any other federal government agency must follow the provisions of the Federal Tort Claims Act (FTCA). The Act allows injured individuals to recover compensation from the federal government for acts committed by federal government employees, in this context, USPS employees.

While the Act preserves the injured party’s right to file a personal injury lawsuit, victims are statutorily required to first seek an administrative resolution of their claim. The in-house claims process can be summarized as follows:

Completion of Standard Form 95

The first step is to complete Standard Form 95, which can be found online. Detail the incident, injury, and claimed damages with precision. Evidence is crucial, so include any relevant photographs, reports from law enforcement, and witness statements to allow the agency to properly evaluate your claim. 

Submission Deadline

Timing is critical. All claims under the FTCA must be filed within two years from the accident date. Late submissions can result in a loss of the right to compensation.

Where to File

Claims against the USPS should be filed with the Tort Claims Coordinator at the Postal Service District Office where the accident occurred. Alternatively, they can be sent directly to the Chief Counsel, Torts, General Law Service Center, USPS National Tort Center, 1720 Market Street, Room 2400, St. Louis, MO.


If the claim is successful after a thorough review, the USPS will issue the claimant a settlement check. But if the claim is denied, the claimant seeking compensation can file a lawsuit at a federal district court within six months of receiving a notice of final denial.

It’s essential to navigate these steps with the guidance of an experienced personal injury lawyer. Engaging an attorney familiar with FTCA lawsuits can ensure you meet all requirements and maximize your chance for just compensation.

Why You Need a USPS Accident Attorney

USPS accident claims are not just about seeking justice; they are a battle for rightful compensation against an entity protected by layers of legal armor.

Cases involving the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) differ from other vehicular accidents due to federal laws that govern them. Sovereign immunity, a legal doctrine, makes it challenging to sue government entities unless the strict requirements of the Federal Tort Claims Act are followed. This is where an attorney, well-versed in such federal statutes, becomes indispensable.

A USPS accident attorney is critical for a thorough case evaluation, a cornerstone to pursuing justice after an accident. They can ensure all necessary documentation is meticulously assembled and submitted within rigid deadlines, thereby increasing the chances of your case’s acceptance and success. 

How The Dressie Law Firm Can Help

At The Dressie Law Firm, we understand the challenges that victims grapple with—from accumulating medical bills to unforeseen loss of wages. If you or your loved one has been in a USPS accident, we can help you understand your rights, navigate the compensation process, and empower you with unwavering support throughout the legal journey. 

Why Choose Us?

  • In-depth knowledge of motor vehicle laws specific to USPS vehicles and employees
  • Determined pursuit of maximum compensation for economic damages and medical expenses
  • Proficient handling of claims involving severe injuries, disfigurement, or loss of enjoyment of life

Our Services Include:

  • Thorough investigation into your USPS accident
  • Evaluation of medical reports to assess the extent of injuries
  • Firm stance against low settlement offers, fighting for what you rightly deserve

Our extensive experience in personal injury cases equips us to advocate actively on your behalf and bring you the clarity and help you need throughout the compensation and litigation process.

For an unyielding ally in a landscape rife with challenges, trust The Dressie Law Firm. Your confidence in us can be the first step towards righting the wrongs of your accident. Contact us today to start charting the course toward justice.

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