Tour Bus Accidents and Passenger Rights

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Were You Injured in a Tour Bus Accident?

Are you or your loved ones victims of accidents involving tour buses? You may be entitled to some compensation for the injury you suffered. Knowing what your rights are as victims of tour bus accidents is essential.

A bus accident can have a significant impact on you. It is necessary you understand that you do not have to bear the injury cost on your own without due compensation from the persons who caused the accident. Hiring a bus accident lawyer in such cases will benefit you.

Our experienced bus accident lawyers at Dressie Law Firm can provide you with the needed assistance and guidance. Securing the legal counsel of experienced lawyers will help you avoid making errors that can jeopardize your right to compensation.

Read on to understand what amounts to a tour bus accident and your rights as a victim of such accidents.

    What Constitutes a Tour Bus Accident?

    Tour buses are useful for transporting a large group of people at the same time. However, tour bus accidents happen and can have a significant impact on the passengers or victims.

    Tour buses fall under the category of common carriers. Common carriers transport people and goods from one place to another in exchange for a fee or monetary compensation. Common carriers such as tour buses have a greater responsibility to ensure the safety of passengers and goods on board the bus than ordinary commercial vehicles.

    Common carriers include commercial buses, charter buses, private school buses, public school buses, taxicabs and particular trucks, cruise ships, and commercial airplanes.

    Common Causes of Tour Bus Accidents

    Several factors may lead to tour bus accidents, including the following:

    • Driver Error: Negligent bus drivers are commonly responsible for tour bus accidents. A bus operator is expected not to make dangerous maneuvers or drive under the influence. They are also expected to obey all traffic laws and stop at a safe place for passengers. Disregarding any of these responsibilities can cause an accident and cause lasting injuries to the passengers.

    • Mechanical Failure: Tour bus accidents can also be caused by mechanical failure. If the bus accident occurred due to a malfunctioning of the bus, the bus company or owner may be held liable for lack of inspection and maintenance.

    • Manufacturing Defects: Faulty brakes, faulty steering systems, tire defects, transmission issues, and other manufacturing issues are common causes of bus accidents. In such cases, the bus manufacturer may be held liable for the accident.

    • Environmental Conditions: Wet and slippery roads, limited visibility, and poor road conditions also contribute to bus accidents. Drivers and responsible government agencies may be liable for such accidents.

    Understanding the different causes of tour bus accidents will aid you in determining the right person or body to sue for your injury and claim damages from. The liable parties in a tour bus injury lawsuit can include the tour bus driver, the bus company, the tour company, the bus manufacturer, a government agency, or the owner of the venue where the accident occurred.

    Experienced bus accident attorneys can help ask the right questions and guide you through the claims process to recover compensation for injuries sustained.

    Passenger Rights in Tour Bus Accidents

    There are several rights passengers have in the event of an accident. These rights are incumbent on the duty of care tour bus operators owe their passengers.

    Tour bus operators have a duty of care which requires them to exercise reasonable care to prevent harm from being occasioned on the passengers. They must exercise great diligence and care while operating the tour bus.

    Where a tour bus driver fails to exercise such duty of care and an accident occurs, you, being a passenger, have the right to pursue a personal injury claim or wrongful death claim if the accident causes a loved one’s death. You have the right to receive due compensation for a breach of the duty of care.

    Evidence Needed to Establish a Personal Injury Claim

    To be successful in your personal injury claim as a tour bus accident victim, you will need to present evidence to establish the cause of the accident and the damages you sustained. Some of the evidence you would need includes the following:

    • Police Report: You must obtain a copy of the police report of the accident. You can use the police report to obtain critical accident details, such as the accident scene, involved vehicles, damages, and injuries.
    • Witness Testimony: Eyewitnesses can provide important details on the accident, how it happened, who was involved, and the injuries sustained.
    • Medical Records: You would need your medical records to document and prove the injuries you have sustained because of the accident.
    • Medical Bills: Your medical expenses are instrumental in calculating the damages you are entitled to.
    • Evidence of Lost Wages: In a situation where you cannot continue working for a period of time due to the injuries you sustained, you can claim damages for the loss of wages. You can provide pay stubs or tax returns detailing your income and the wages you have lost because of your inability to work.

    Dressie Law Firm Can Help You

    If you are a victim of a bus accident, you do not have to suffer the injuries in silence and get strained financially for medical treatment. You may be able to bring a bus accident claim against the liable party and get compensation for your medical expenses, pain and suffering, lost wages, and more.

    Our experienced bus accident lawyers are ready to guide you on the steps to take if you are a bus accident victim. At Dressie Law Firm, we operate a transparent and client-centric approach for each case. We can help you determine the liable party for your injuries, represent your interest effectively, and help you secure the best possible outcome.

    Where the tour bus company wants to negotiate a settlement, we can represent your interest and ensure you get fair compensation.

    Contact us today to schedule a free consultation. 

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