Road Rash Injuries and Long-Term Care

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Road Rash Not-so-Minor Injury

Most motorcycle accidents are downright horrific: broken bones, bleeding, head injuries, and even death. With such serious injuries, it makes sense why minor injuries like road rash fall by the wayside. But you’d be surprised to learn that road rash injuries can lead to severe complications that require long-term care.

Road rash happens when a rider’s skin brushes against an abrasive surface like gravel or cobblestone. While certainly not life-threatening, severe road rash requires immediate medical attention. Otherwise, the condition might spiral out of control, causing permanent scarring and tissue damage.

Differentiating between immediate and long-term care is your first step to complete recovery. Sure, pain medication might ease the pain, but extended care is your best bet for keeping bacterial infections, scarring, and reduced mobility at bay.

Join us as we take a deep dive into what road rash is and the importance of long-term care for addressing it. If you’ve sustained injuries such as road rash, contact our motorcycle accident lawyer at Dressie Law Firm as soon as possible. You may be entitled to recover compensation.

    Understanding Road Rash Injuries

    What Is Road Rash?

    Road rash is a skin injury caused by abrasive friction between the skin and road surfaces. Road rash injuries are among the most common injuries in motorcycle accidents when the riders are thrown off their motorcycle and make direct contact with the road or pavement. The rough surface scrapes the outer layer of the skin, causing a rash.

    Road rash can occur when you collide with another vehicle, get thrown off your motorcycle, and land on the road. It can also happen when you lose balance while swerving to avoid an object then falling on your side.

    Sudden stops are also a common cause of road rash. The car in front of you brakes suddenly, you hit the emergency brake, get thrown off your bike, and land on the road. These are a few scenarios that lead to road rash injuries among motorcyclists.

    Road rash can happen with or without protective gear, although the latter can minimize the size and severity of the abrasion.

    Types of Road Rash Injuries

    The type of road rash is based on the depth of the abrasion and the extent of damage to the skin layers. That said, road rash can be classified into three categories, namely:

    • First-degree road rash: This is the mildest form of road rash and occurs when you scrape the outermost layers of skin called the epidermis. It’s mostly painless, but some people might experience redness and swelling in the affected area. OTC painkillers should address the swelling and slight pain.

    • Second-degree road rash: In second-degree road rash, abrasion breaks through the first and second layers of the skin, potentially exposing tendons and nerves. You might experience bleeding and blistering, but the third skin layer remains intact. You need to seek medical attention for this type of abrasion for a faster healing process.

    • Third-degree road rash: This is the most severe form of road rash. It occurs when the abrasive action flays off your skin, revealing the underlying tissue and reaching the fat layer. Riders will experience bleeding, swelling, and a milky appearance on the open wound. Emergency medical attention is necessary to prevent a serious bacterial infection and permanent scars.

    Immediate Care After a Road Rash Injury

    The steps you take after a road rash injury will determine how quickly you recover. Here are some tried and tested first-aid measures to take after scraping your skin on the road:

    • Wash your hands with mild soap or sanitize them to reduce the risk of infection.

    • Gently brush away any debris near the wounded area.

    • Clean the wound with running water and apply gentle pressure to ease the bleeding.

    • Apply an antibiotic ointment on the injured area.

    • Use a clean, light cloth or bandage to protect the wound from dirt and debris.

    It’s advisable to seek medical treatment regardless of your injury’s perceived severity. However, if you see underlying fat layers, muscle, or bone on the exposed skin, head to the ER. Do the same if the road rash wounds are on your face or the wound is extremely painful and immune to painkillers. Persistent bleeding and foreign objects embedded in the wound also require emergency medical care.

    Documenting the severity of your injury by visiting a healthcare provider may be very helpful to your personal injury claim.

    Long-Term Care and Rehabilitation

    Severe road rash requires long-term care to promote quick healing, prevent complications, and restore your body’s mobility. There are different approaches to extended care, depending on the severity of the injury and specific circumstances.

    Ongoing Medical Care

    Severe road rash with exhibited signs of infection or other complications often requires ongoing medical care. It involves regular check-ups, monitoring, and interventions by healthcare professionals to manage and address your injury. You’ll also get the appropriate vaccinations and boosters, including tetanus, to prevent further complications.

    Following up with your medical provider ensures a seamless healing process. Follow-up appointments can help you identify potential issues before they worsen. They’ll also help manage your scars so they don’t affect the mobility of your limbs.

    Physical Rehabilitation

    Physical rehabilitation forms an integral part of the road rash healing process. Some of the types of physical therapy involved include:

    • Stretching exercises

    • Range of motion exercises

    • Progressive exercise programs

    • Aquatic therapy

    Rehabilitation helps road rash victims regain their mobility and functionality. It also helps clear the mind and boost motivation. The combined effect accelerates the healing process.

    Psychological Impact of Road Rash Injuries

    Road rash can have long-term implications on your self-esteem and social life. The visible scars and disfigurement from road rash injuries can impact your body image. This can make you self-conscious and awkward in social situations.

    The way people perceive you may also affect your mental health. You may experience heightened anxiety and depression. Less resilient people are likely to self-isolate, which worsens the situation. These new life changes can make you angry and irritable, not to mention the self-loathing that follows.

    Filing a Motorcycle Accident Claim

    Georgia is an at-fault state, so the person who caused the accident leading to your injuries is responsible for your damages. It is, therefore, crucial to file a motorcycle accident claim to seek compensation from the at-fault party.

    Your motorcycle accident lawyer will help you investigate the accident and obtain the required evidence to establish liability. They will also calculate your damages, especially long-term care costs and future expenses. Your attorney will file your claim with the at-fault party’s insurance company and negotiate a fair settlement.

    If negotiations fail, you may take your case to court. Personal injury attorneys at Dressie Law Firm can guide you through motorcycle laws and protect your rights to full compensation.

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