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Your Rights and Options Following a Residential Fire Burn Injury

Fire outbreaks in residential buildings could be devastating and are responsible for over 3000 deaths and 12000 burn injury cases each year nationwide.

The injuries sustained from such fires could lead to life-altering consequences, including disfigurement, horrible pain, and the deep emotional trauma that comes from such an encounter. Those affected would likely require substantial medical treatment to make a full or near complete recovery.

However, good medical treatment is expensive. If you’ve been injured in a residential fire or you’ve lost your loved one in a residential fire-related death, you may be searching for answers about what to do next, especially as it concerns recovering compensation to make up for your medical expenses, lost wages and other losses you may have sustained due to your injuries.

By Georgia law, getting compensation is possible if the residential fire leading to your injury or the death of your loved one was caused by someone else. You can initiate a lawsuit against the party responsible and get a substantial amount in damages (monetary compensation) to ease your financial burden in the aftermath of your burn injury.

Our Personal Injury Lawyer in Atlanta at the Dressie Law Firm can provide personalized guidance as you explore the available legal options and remedies. 

Below, we discuss some legal considerations associated with compensation claims in burn accidents to keep you informed and help you prepare for your case. Please read on to learn more.

    Types of Residential Fire Burn Injuries

    Residential fire burn injuries can be classified into three degrees based on the severity;

    • First-degree burns are the least severe, involving outer skin damage. Injuries from first-degree burns include redness, dryness, and painful sensations. The injuries can heal within two weeks to a month.

    • Second-degree burns damage deeper layers of the skin and can result in blistering. Other symptoms include pain and a moist texture around the burn. Second-degree burns can lead to wound infections and permanent scarring in the worst cases.

    • Third-degree burns are the most serious and are the cause of most fire-related deaths. The damage here goes way deeper than a second-degree burn, causing a dry, leathery consistency and permanent scarring. It could also affect underlying underlying tissue and muscles, causing charring, functional impairment, and gangrene.

    In addition to physical burns, victims may also develop respiratory issues due to prolonged exposure to fire and smoke inhalation.

    For those who survive, these injuries could affect their ability to work or earn a living, hence the need for financial support. Who better to pay for this support than the one whose actions or inactions led to their injuries?

    Causes of Residential Fires

    Most house fires are caused by humans who either fail to take preventive measures while using fire indoors. Typical examples of such scenarios include

    • Leaving cooking fires unattended or forgetting to turn off the stove
    • Using or storing flammable liquid such as gasoline indoors
    • Using faulty heating equipment or failing to follow the manufacturer’s instructions
    • Failing to properly put out cigarette butts
    • Having improperly installed or faulty electrical wiring in the home.

    From these, it is clear that most residential fires can be prevented with reasonable diligence. Anyone who fails to take the necessary preventive measures must be held accountable for any injury due to their actions.

    Establishing Negligence and Liability in Residential Fire Injury Cases

    You can claim compensation for your burn injury if another person’s negligence caused the fire by filing a lawsuit against them. However, as the plaintiff (who initiated the lawsuit), you must prove your case and establish the defendant’s negligence with solid evidence that shows that

    • The defendant owed you a duty of care (to take certain steps that could have kept you safe and prevented your injuries)
    • The defendant failed to fulfill that duty of care, and your safety wasn’t protected.
    • Their failure led to your injuries.

    For example, suppose you live in a rented apartment with faulty electrical wiring that the landlord was supposed to fix. If a fire occurs due to the wiring and you sustain a burn injury as a result, you can file a lawsuit against the landlord. As your landlord, they owed you a duty to keep the property safe, but they failed to carry out the necessary repairs, resulting in a breach of that duty. If they had fixed the problem, the fire would most likely not have occurred, making them responsible for your injuries.

    The type of evidence you’ll need to prove your case in such a scenario includes

    • A copy of the fire report from the fire services department in your county (this could help establish the cause of the fire)
    • Medical records, bills, and receipts
    • Any document that shows your relationship to the defendant (in the above example, that could be a copy of your lease)
    • Eyewitness testimony
    • Your pay stubs/slips show your usual earnings if you cannot work due to your injuries.

    The specific evidence needed in each case varies, but it should be enough to support the plaintiff’s case and their entitlement to the compensation they seek. Experienced Atlanta Burn Accident Lawyers can help identify and collect the evidence needed to help you prove your case and get you the compensation you deserve.

    What You Can Get as Compensation for a Residential Fire Burn Injury

    People who initiate personal injury or burn claims often wonder, “How much is my case worth“? It is difficult to say for certain how much a plaintiff can get. But generally, if you can establish your case against the defendant, Georgia law allows you to get compensation for

    • Economic Damages: This covers your past, present, and future medical expenses, any other expenses due to your injuries that you had to pay for, and your lost wages, both present and future.

    • Non-Economic Damages: This is compensation for the substantial pain and suffering you’ve had to endure and will endure in the future due to your burn injuries.

    • Punitive Damages: Punitive damages may be awarded if the fire/burn was cursed by a deliberate or careless act to send a warning to others.

    • Damages for Wrongful Death: Funeral expenses and other damages (such as those listed above) may be awarded if your lawsuit is based on the wrongful death of a loved one who died in a residential fire or succumbed to injuries from such a fire. 

    The total amount you can get varies depending on several factors, including the severity of your injuries and the defendant’s financial capacity. Whatever the case, an experienced personal injury lawyer can represent you and fight to ensure you get the maximum compensation possible.

    Get Help from the Dressie Law Firm as You Seek Compensation for Your Residential Fire Burn Injuries

    Residential fires can be devastating and life-altering. If the house fire in which you sustained your burn was caused by another, you don’t deserve to bear the financial consequences alone, especially since you’re already dealing with significant pain and suffering.

    You have a right to take legal action against the party responsible, and our burn injury attorneys can provide professional legal guidance as you seek to enforce those rights.

    With our extensive experience handling personal injury cases, we can represent you throughout your personal injury lawsuit and work tirelessly to ensure you get fair compensation to help you adjust to life after your fire accident.

    Contact us today, and let us take the next steps toward getting you the compensation you deserve together.

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