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Experienced Dog Bite Lawyer in Atlanta

Under Georgia law, dog bite victims are entitled to recover compensation for their damages by filing a personal injury claim. However, not every dog bite incident qualifies for compensation, especially when the victim fails to prove their case.

You may need to consult a dog bite injury lawyer to assess whether you have a case and are entitled to compensation. Atlanta dog bite attorneys at the Dressie Law Firm can help you file your claim, investigate and gather proof, and calculate your damages.

We have been representing personal injury victims in Atlanta and across Georgia for two decades and established a track record of positive results. With over 20 personal injury professionals on our team, you can rest assured that you are getting the legal representation you need to win your dog bite claim.

Steps to Take After a Dog Bite

What you do following a dog attack is vital for your health and personal injury claim. Here’s what you should do after a dog bite:

Get Medical Treatment

When you sustain dog bite injuries, it is critical that you seek medical attention whether the injury is painful or not. Even non-scarring dog bites can cause severe medical problems, including rabies. Therefore, you must prioritize your health and get checked immediately.

Identification of the Dog and its Owner

Identifying a stray dog’s owner can be very challenging, especially if you were bitten in a public space. Make sure to ask witnesses for their contact details and to obtain any information on the owner.

File a Report with the Police

You should contact the local police and file a report. A police report can be a crucial piece of evidence in your dog bite injury claim as it documents your injuries and the accident details. The police can also capture the dog and work to identify its owner.

Consult a Dog Bite Attorney

Working with a dog bite attorney can make a difference in your case. While you receive medical treatment, your attorney can initiate an investigation and collect evidence. They will guide you on whether you are entitled to compensation and walk you through the process.

Our experienced Atlanta dog bite lawyers are available around the clock to assist you in your case.

Georgia’s Dog Bite Laws

Georgia dog bite laws are complicated. Our state uses a modified “one-bite” rule, meaning a dog owner can potentially avoid liability for their dog’s first bite if specific qualifications are met.

For a dog’s owner to be held liable for their dog’s attack, the dog bite victim needs to prove that: 

  • The dog was dangerous or vicious.

  • The owner was aware of the danger posed to other people by the dog.

  • The dog bite victim didn’t provoke the dog.

Dog bite liability is much easier to prove if the dog wasn’t appropriately leashed. In Georgia, all dogs are legally required to be leashed except on the owner’s property or in a designated off-leash dog park. Even then, dog owners must remain in sight of their pets and always maintain verbal control. 

If a dog in an off-leash dog park displays aggressive behavior, the owner must remove the animal immediately. Atlanta and different city municipalities have other rules about vicious dogs. Owners are limited to one “vicious” dog as determined by breed (which can vary by city). Those owners are also required to carry additional liability insurance. 

Contact an experienced Atlanta dog bite lawyer at Dressie Law Firm to get the legal support and guidance you need in your dog bite case.

Comparative Negligence in Dog Bite Cases

There are two sides to many stories, including dog bite cases. A dog owner could be negligent, but the person who was bitten may have done something to provoke the animal. One of the law’s primary roles in society is determining to what degree each party is responsible for an incident.

Different actions of the victim might equate to varying levels of culpability. A visitor to a property may have picked up a dog’s food bowl to relocate it. The dog sees a stranger stealing their food and bites the visitor. The dog and owner might meet all the liability criteria, but the visitor might also share some blame for doing something that provoked the bite. 

As long as the courts determine the visitor is less than 50% at fault, they should still be able to recover compensation. However, your recoverable damages will be reduced by your percentage of fault. For instance, if you are found to be 20% at fault for the attack, you can only recover 80% of your entire compensation.

Types of Compensation for Dog Bite Injuries

The cost of treatment for dog attacks can vary greatly. They can be extraordinarily high in severe cases and require corrective and reconstructive surgeries. Victims may also experience post-traumatic stress from the attack itself, as well as long-term emotional trauma from permanent scarring or disfigurement.

Therefore, dog bite victims are entitled to receive compensation for economic and non-economic damages, including:

  • Instant medical bills

  • Lost Wages

  • Loss of quality of life

  • Pain and suffering

  • Out-of-pocket expenses, e.g., transportation bills for medical appointments.

  • Future medical expenses

  • Emotional trauma

In dog bite cases, the burden of proof lies on the victims. You not only need to prove that you are entitled to compensation but also justify the damages you are seeking. A skilled Atlanta dog bite attorney at Dressie Law Firm can help you file a well-substantiated claim to secure fair compensation.

The Statute of Limitations for Atlanta Bus Accidents

According to OCGA § 9-3-33, the statute of limitation for personal injury claims, including dog bite accidents, is two years. This means that you can only bring a dog bite claim within two years after the accident took place.

The Dressie Law Firm Will Fight for You

Dog bite cases in Georgia are complicated, and many potential variables could affect your ability to collect compensation from a negligent dog owner. Since the burden of proof is on you, it’s essential to contact a personal injury attorney as soon as possible if a dog has bitten you or a loved one. 

The sooner your dog bite attorney can start investigating your case, the more likely you are to get the settlement you deserve.

Contact us today to schedule a free consultation, or visit our dog bite questions page to learn more.

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