Cycling Accidents Involving Commercial Vehicles

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Who Is Liable if a Cyclist Is Hit by a Commercial Vehicle?

Cyclist crashes can be tragic at so many levels. Usually, bikers sustain the most damage if involved in car crashes. They often suffer more severe injuries, such as head injuries, due to the lack of protection. These damages are multiplied when hit by a commercial vehicle, such as a large truck. These are much larger vehicles with greater potential to cause cyclist deaths.

Who is liable for bicycle accidents involving commercial vehicles? This question can’t be answered off the bat, as it varies by case. These cases require thorough investigations to determine liability and ensure the injured victim is compensated fairly.

If you have been injured due to the negligence of a commercial vehicle driver, you may be able to get compensation. Dressie Law Firm offers advice and legal counsel in handling bicycle crashes. Talk to our bicycle accident attorneys today to find out how we may help.

    Causes of Cycling Accidents Involving Commercial Vehicles

    Bicycling is one of the leading sources of emergency room visits. According to the CDC, bicycle crashes sent around 597,000 people to the ER between 2009 and 2018. Blind spots, visibility issues, distracted driving, and fatigue among motorists are usually to blame for these accidents.

    • Blind Spots

    Truck drivers may not see cyclists to the right side when making right turns. That’s because large commercial trucks have large blind spots behind them and to the side. Corners, intersections, slopes, and weather conditions can create hidden spots and visibility issues. Liability for accidents due to blind spots can fall solely on the truck driver or on both the driver and the cyclist.

    • Distracted Driving

    Driving requires heightened focus on the roads. Distractions like listening to music, picking up the phone, or conversing with passengers can be fatal. Truck drivers must monitor the streets and watch for pedestrians, bicyclists, and other users.

    • Fatigue in Commercial Vehicle Drivers

    Truck and other commercial vehicle drivers may spend hours on the road, which can lead to fatigue. A tired truck driver is more likely to have slow reaction times and poor judgment. Even the slightest distraction can result in tragic truck crashes and serious injuries.

    • Poor Maintenance

    Trucking companies play a pivotal role in preventing accidents by ensuring the proper maintenance of their commercial vehicles in compliance with the law. Failure to adhere to scheduled inspections, promptly address mechanical issues, and maintain vital components like brakes and lights can lead to accidents. Trucking companies and drivers are often liable for accidents caused by poorly maintained commercial vehicles.

    • Driving Under the Influence (DUI)

    DUI is a leading cause of commercial vehicle accidents. Alcohol and drugs diminish drivers’ reaction times, impair judgment, and compromise coordination.

    Legal Responsibilities and Liability

    Commercial vehicle operators can be held liable for bicycling accidents they cause because they have a higher duty of care to bicyclists and other road users. They must drive while sober, maintain their motor vehicles, and observe traffic laws. Every bicyclist should be treated with the same respect as other road users.

    Commercial vehicle companies can also be liable. They are responsible for inspecting and maintaining their vehicles, hiring competent drivers, and monitoring the performance of their employees.

    If you’re struck by a commercial vehicle, you can file a personal injury claim against the liable parties. But before you can do so, you and your attorney must identify them. Often, the liable party in a bicycle crash with a commercial vehicle is the commercial vehicle driver, company, or both.

    To hold the liable party accountable, you must prove their negligence by establishing the following elements:

    1. Duty of Care: Show that the defendant owed a duty of care to you.
    2. Breach of Duty: Demonstrate that the defendant breached this duty through their actions or negligence.
    3. Causation: Establish a direct link between the breach and the harm suffered.
    4. Damages: Provide evidence of actual damages or losses incurred.

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    Understanding Your Rights as a Cyclist

    Bicyclists riding on their lanes can claim compensation if hit by any vehicle, including commercial ones. If you’re involved in an accident with large trucks, tractor-trailers, or SUVs, a lawyer may help protect your rights. The negligent driver or party will be liable for your damages.

    You can seek compensation for medical bills, property damage, lost wages, loss of consortium, and more. The court or insurance company will examine the circumstances of your case to determine who is liable. Your attorney will work on helping you get the deserved settlement.

    When to Seek Legal Help

    While even pedestrian crashes can require professional legal support, the need becomes especially urgent if you are seriously injured by a commercial driver. Seek legal representation immediately after the accident to protect your rights and recover fair compensation.

    You will be facing not only the involved driver but also potentially the trucking company, its insurance carrier, and a team of attorneys. You need the help of an experienced and resourceful lawyer to increase your chances for favorable results.

    Seeking legal help as early as possible is critical to avoiding mistakes that may diminish your claim. If you’ve suffered cyclist injuries, seek treatment first and keep all medical records. Next, contact our Atlanta bicycle accident attorneys so we can begin assessing your case and options.

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