Construction Site Accidents and OSHA Compliance

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Construction Accidents Due to Employer Violation of OSHA Regulations

Construction is a high-hazard industry with many dangers. Heavy machinery, vehicles, and construction sites expose workers to many injury risks. Unfortunately, construction site accidents can cause serious injuries, disability, and even death.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has safety and health standards for the construction industry. Employers, project managers, and contractors must follow OSHA regulations to minimize or prevent accidents.

Construction work accidents and OSHA compliance violations are often intertwined. That’s because most accidents stem from negligence and non-compliance of the construction company. If you’re injured at work, you can file a workers’ compensation claim.

Our construction accident lawyer at the Dressie Law Firm can help you seek compensation and justice following a construction site accident. We have a high success rate representing victims of construction accidents and helping them get fair compensation.

    Understanding Construction Site Accidents

    Construction workers are the most common victims of workplace accidents. Contractors and people passing by the site can also get injured. Injuries can vary from minor knocks to crushed bones, amputations, traumatic brain injuries, and death.

    What Constitutes a Construction Site Accident?

    Construction workplace accidents refer to events that cause injury to construction employees. Slip-and-falls are the most common construction accidents, responsible for over 33% of construction fatalities.

    Construction workers may also be hit by falling objects carried on cranes. Some workers are crashed by heavy machinery and power tools, resulting from poorly maintained or defective equipment. Construction workplace accidents can also result from improper steel erection procedures.

    According to OSHA reports, construction accidents resulted in 1061 fatalities in 2019. That’s 20% of all fatalities across all work industries that year. The most common causes of construction accident fatalities included falls, electrocution, and getting struck by an object.

    Common Causes of Construction Site Accidents

    Accidents in construction sites can occur when a worker falls, is hit by an object, or is caught in machines. Dangerous activities like scaffolding, excavations, and climbing ladders increase the risk of accidents. Lack of adequate protective gear and poor hazard communication can also lead to accidents.

    Many cases of construction workplace accidents stem from OSHA violations. Employers and contractors who don’t comply with OSHA standards leave their employees vulnerable to accidents. For instance, the lack of fall protection systems, such as nets and harnesses, can lead to fatal falls.

    Inadequate head protection can increase the risk of severe injury. Missing face protection can lead to eye injury from welding. Accidents in construction sites can also stem from exposure to hazardous materials like asbestos. Other causes include cave-ins, falling debris, and equipment failure.

    Overview of OSHA Regulations

    Construction companies, construction site owners, and managers must comply with all safety and health regulations provided by OSHA. Non-compliance can result in hefty fines, besides increasing the risk of injury at work. Following every OSHA standard can improve construction site safety and prevent fatal accidents. Here are some of the OSHA construction regulations:

    • Employers must provide comprehensive hazard communication. This can help prevent exposure to silica dust, asbestos, and other hazardous materials.

    • All employees must have safety equipment and protective gear for the job. This includes wearing hard hats, gloves, footwear, ear protection, respirators, full-body suits, and face shields.

    • Contractors and employers must hire competent persons and provide adequate training. This can help prevent accidents caused by improper control.

    • Employers must have general safety provisions, such as fall protection and harnesses for employees working several feet above the ground.

    • Contractors must complete necessary inspections through the different construction phases.

    Employers should comply with OSHA regulations and provide a hazard-free workplace. This responsibility includes hazard identification and communication and timely machinery maintenance. Training should be done in a language employees can understand. Employers must also maintain safe workplace conditions to conform to all OSHA standards.

    How OSHA Violations Affect Workers’ Compensation in Georgia

    OSHA construction site safety standards can help prevent accidents. However, not everyone follows the rules. If your employer violates OSHA rules, you can report them directly to the regional OSHA office. However, you can’t sue them. Instead, you can pursue workers’ compensation.

    Workers’ comp is the only remedy for workplace injuries in Georgia and many other states. The insurance is specifically designed to pay workers injured on the job regardless of who is at fault. You can recover various damages, including medical bills, rehabilitation costs, and lost wages.

    Although you can’t sue your employer for OSHA violations, you can file a lawsuit against third parties. For example, you can sue the machinery manufacturer if their defective work equipment causes the accident. Such cases fall under personal injury and product liability claims.

    Recovering Damages Through Workers’ Comp

    Construction hazards and accidents can result in various damages. Bodily injuries are common when workers fall off ladders, are hit by objects, or are electrocuted. Through workers’ comp, you can recover the cost of medical procedures, medications, prosthetics, rehabilitation, and other out-of-pocket medical expenses.

    Workers’ comp can also cover two-thirds of your weekly wages. However, it will not cover any non-economic damages, such as pain and suffering.

    Contacting an attorney practicing construction accidents is critical in a workers’ comp claim. Dressie Law Firm has competent lawyers ready to take up your case and fight for your rights.

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