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Understanding Loss of Consortium in Personal Injury Cases

The repercussions of a severe injury or wrongful death extend beyond the immediate victim. Such death will be particularly heavy on the spouse or domestic partner of the victim, and the law acknowledges that. If you or a loved one lost their spouse due to someone else’s negligence or malicious acts, you may be entitled to seek compensation for the intangible losses experienced, including loss of consortium.

Consortium refers to the companionship, support, and services of another family member who has been injured or killed due to someone else’s wrongful actions. It is one of the many non-economic damages that can be pursued in a wrongful death or personal injury lawsuit. 

Unfortunately, it’s not easy to win a loss of consortium claim. You need to prove that your relationship was happy and ongoing and that the victim actually provided you with the companionship you claim. Therefore, you need an experienced personal injury attorney to help you present a well-established story about your injured spouse and secure fair financial compensation.

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    What Is Loss of Consortium?

    Loss of consortium, a term often invoked in personal injury cases, includes the loss or impairment of crucial components such as companionship, emotional support, and intimacy. Consortium damages are usually awarded in personal injury cases of severe injuries that impair one’s ability to care or connect with their loved ones and in cases of death. 

    A severe injury is one that affects the victim’s mental state or physical health and disrupts the relationship dynamics of a couple. Common causes of such injuries include:

    • Medical malpractice cases

    • Motor vehicle Accidents

    • Slip-and-fall accidents

    • Defective products

    Even intentional acts like assault, battery, and sexual crimes can be a basis for loss of consortium claims, as the physical and emotional trauma inflicted can profoundly affect the ability of the injured victim to fulfill their role in the relationship.

    Consortium encompasses all non-monetary benefits of a relationship, such as:

    • Emotional benefits such as companionship, comfort, affection, and love

    • Physical contributions such as shared activities and house shores

    • Sexual relations

    Consortium claims do not include tangible financial benefits like wages, income, or medical bills; these losses are typically addressed separately as part of a personal injury claim.

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    Who Can Claim for Loss of Consortium?

    Loss of consortium claims, which involve the deprivation of intangible benefits due to a wrongful injury or death, are typically limited to marital relationships in Georgia. This means that only surviving spouses can claim loss of consortium if their spouse was wrongly killed or severely injured.

    Domestic partners and all unwedded couples are not entitled to claim loss of consortium damages. Moreover, dependent children and parents are also not eligible for this claim in Georgia, unlike other jurisdictions.

    Statute of Limitations

    Be aware of the time limit to bringing a personal injury lawsuit in Georgia. In Georgia, the statute of limitations for loss of consortium claims, like other personal injury claims, is generally two years. However, it may be possible for the statute of limitations to be extended in some instances.

    Proving Loss of Consortium in Court

    Specific criteria and evidence are pivotal in successfully establishing a loss of consortium claim in court. The following types of evidence are commonly utilized:

    1. Medical Records: Documentation of the physical and emotional impact on the injured party, supporting the claimant’s case.
    2. Testimonies: Personal accounts from the claimant and other witnesses detailing the nature and extent of the loss suffered due to the injury or wrongful death.
    3. Professional Opinions: Input from relevant experts, such as medical professionals or psychologists, to validate and strengthen the claim.

    The Role of an Attorney

    Navigating the complexities of a loss of consortium claim can be challenging. An experienced attorney can significantly enhance the chances of a successful case by:

    • Legal guidance

    • Case preparation

    • Negotiation and advocacy

    • Guidance through legal processes

    Proving the loss of consortium is not easy and may be contested by the defendant. With the guidance of an experienced attorney, you increase your chances of a positive outcome.

    How Much Compensation Can You Expect for Loss of Consortium?

    Determining the compensation for the loss of consortium involves considering various factors that influence the awarded amount, such as:

    1. Severity of Injury: The extent of the harm suffered by the injured party is a crucial factor influencing compensation.
    2. Impact on Relationship: The effect on the relationship, encompassing emotional and physical aspects, plays a significant role in compensation assessment.
    3. Life expectancy: In cases of wrongful injury, the court usually considers the normal life expectancy of the victim; the longer, the bigger the award.

    Compensation varies widely based on individual cases and is subjectively determined by a judge or jury. Hiring a legal professional may be helpful to ensure you receive the total amount you deserve. The intangible nature of these losses makes quantifying them challenging. Your attorney will help you put a reasonable dollar figure on your losses.

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