Understanding Some of the Common Injuries in Premises Liability Cases

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Types of Injuries That Result in Premises Liability Claims

A premises liability case arises when a property owner or occupier fails to keep their premises safe, and another person gets injured due to their negligence. The law holds the property owner responsible for injuries and damages caused to the injured party.

The types of injuries that lead to such cases range from relatively minor wounds to more catastrophic injuries that could lead to disability or even death.

If you or your loved one has been injured on another’s premises, you may be wondering whether you can claim damages for your specific type of injury through a premises liability lawsuit.

Our attorneys at the Dressie Law Firm can provide personalized guidance to help you determine your eligibility.

Below, we’ve compiled a list of some of the most common premises liability injuries to help you understand whether you have a valid Premises Liability claim and to help you get started with your case.  Please read on to learn more. 

Most Common Injuries in Premises Liability Cases

Minor injuries such as scrapes, bruises, and lacerations sustained on another’s premises could lead to a premises liability case. However, since these injuries don’t cause irreparable or long-term damage, it is common for the victims to overlook them without filing premises liability lawsuits.

Most premises liability claimants had serious or catastrophic injuries that required significant medical attention and long recovery periods, which affected their quality of life. Such injuries could include;

  • Brain Injury: Brain injuries are dysfunctions to the brain caused by an outside force or impact. It can occur after slip-and-fall accidents or if a heavy object hits the victim’s head. Regardless of the cause, traumatic brain injuries are dangerous and are a leading cause of death. Those who survive are often left with varying levels of disability and irreversible life changes, which is why getting compensation in such cases is crucial.
  • Broken Bones: Broken bones or fractures can be caused by different types of accidents. With treatment, the victim may likely make a full recovery. However, medical care is expensive, and depending on the extent of the fracture and its location, the victim may be unable to work during the recovery process. Compensation is important in such cases to cover the medical expenses and ensure the victim can pay their bills while they recover.
  • Burns: Burn injuries occur when the human body directly encounters fires, lasers, and very hot substances. They are extremely painful and could result in severe damage to the victim’s skin structure. Sometimes, the damage may be treatable with expensive surgery, but in extreme cases, the victim would be left with severely damaged skin and scar tissue, which could affect their quality of life. If the burn accident leading to the injuries was preventable by the homeowner, it is only fair that the victim gets some form of monetary compensation from the person responsible for their predicament.
  • Animal Bite Wounds: People who keep animals or pets on their premises have a duty to take care of their animals and ensure that they are not a danger to others. Animal bites are painful, traumatizing, and could be deadly. If you’ve been attacked by an animal on someone else’s property, you can pursue a premises liability claim.
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Establishing Liability for Premises Liability Accidents: Who Takes Responsibility for Your Injuries? 

Under the law, a property occupier or owner can only be liable if they owe the victim a duty of care. Duty of care, in this case, refers to the obligation of the property owner to provide safe premises for those whom they have invited or permitted to enter their premises. If the breach of this duty results in an accident, they’ll be liable for any injuries.

The primary questions you’ll need to answer to determine liability in your case are: does the property owner owe you a duty of care? And was that duty of care breached? If yes is the answer to both questions, you likely have a strong case against the property owner. 

However, if your injuries were due to the actions of anyone other than the property owner or the property owner does not owe you a duty of care, sustaining a premises liability case against them would be difficult. 

Determining liability in premises liability cases is not always a straightforward affair. That is why having legal representation from the get-go is important. With their legal knowledge and experience, your premises liability or Personal Injury attorney can review your case and help you determine liability based on the surrounding facts of your premises liability accident to help you decide how best or whether or not to proceed with your premises liability claim. 

Compensation and Damages in Premises Liability Cases: What You Can Get for Your Injuries 

If your premises liability case succeeds, you can get financial compensation for your injuries from the party responsible. The compensation could cover,

  • Your medical expenses

  • Lost wages 

  • Psychological trauma

  • Property damage.

The amount you can get depends on the extent of your injuries. If part of your claim is based on the fact that you suffered financial losses due to your injuries, you may need to establish that the loss actually happened with solid evidence in court.

An experienced Premises Liability Attorney can represent you in court and help collect and present any evidence that supports your claim convincingly to help you achieve the desired result.

Contact Our Premises Liability Attorneys at the Dressie Law Firm

Under Georgia’s premises liability laws, it doesn’t matter what type of injury you have or how severe the injury is. All that matters is that the injury was sustained on another’s premises due to their negligence.

But even though the law holds property owners and occupiers responsible for injuries on their premises, applying the law to real-life situations could be complex without legal knowledge. That’s where we come in. 

At the Dressie Law Firm, we can provide the legal guidance and representation required in premises liability cases. Our skilled attorneys understand how the law and legal process work. They can fight for you and protect your interests as you strive to secure a fair settlement.

Contact us today to get clarity if you have doubts about your injuries and whether you have a valid premises liability case. We’d be happy to assist and guide you towards a positive outcome.

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