Bus Rollover Accidents and Injuries

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Everything You Need to Know About Bus Rollover Accidents and Injuries

According to the NHTSA crash data report, only 2.5% of fatal bus accidents in 2021 involved a rollover. However, injury data show that 100% of bus rollover accidents are fatal.

Of all the types of bus accidents, rollover accidents represent one of the most dangerous types of crashes involving large passenger buses. When multi-ton commercial vehicles tip over due to sharp turns, roadside impacts, or mechanical failures, the results can be catastrophic – leading to multiple severe injuries and fatalities.

This article examines the causes behind such deadly bus rollover events. Those personally impacted by commercial vehicle rollover tragedies will also learn their legal rights to hold negligent parties accountable and pursue financial compensation.

If you or a loved one needs assistance with your bus accident claim, our personal injury attorneys at Dressie Law Firm can help you. Our legal team proudly partners with those unlawfully injured to help them recover maximum compensation.

    Understanding Bus Rollover Accidents

    Causes of Bus Rollover Accidents

    Of 204 fatal bus accidents in 2021, 5 involved a rollover. While not common, these accidents are definitely among the deadliest.

    Here are some of the causes of bus rollover accidents: 

    • Bus driver errors – Speeding, aggressive swerving, distracted or drowsy driving can all lead to an unstable vehicle or road departure.

    • Slippery roads – Rain, snow, and ice reduce friction between tires and pavement, making quick maneuvers hazardous.

    • Mechanical defects – Worn tires, broken axles, and steering linkage issues may force buses out of control.

    A bus rollover accident can easily turn into a multi-vehicle crash when other vehicles bump into each other trying to avoid the overturned bus.

    Types of Buses Prone to Rollovers

    Rollover propensity depends partly on the vehicles involved, size, and function. Usually, the most affected buses include:

    • Intercity buses – Heavier vehicles with more passengers at higher trip speeds

    • Public transit buses – Tighter routes with more stops/turns in congested areas

    • School buses – These accidents typically involve high school students and other school students

    Whether you have been injured in a charter bus or school bus accident, attorneys at Dressie Law Firm have the knowledge and experience needed to bring you justice.

    Bus Rollover Accident Injuries

    Due to the height, weight, and bus structure, rollovers often eject unbelted passengers through windows onto the pavement of the crash site. The resultant injuries are often fatal.

    Common bus rollover crash injuries include:

    • Head and spinal injuries

    • Amputations

    • Internal organ damage

    • Orthopedic fractures

    • Lacerations and burns

    Long-Term Impacts

    Surviving a commercial bus rollover often necessitates extensive surgery, hospitalization, physical rehabilitation, and assistive technologies for basic functioning. Many victims endure chronic pain over decades or permanent disabilities preventing employment.

    Pursuing Compensation After a Bus Accident

    Understanding Liability

    Proving legal liability in bus accidents requires demonstrating negligence. That is when a party fails to act reasonably or breaches an established duty of care. Potentially liable parties in bus rollover accidents include:

    • Drivers if reckless maneuvers or traffic violations cause the accident

    • Carriers, if inadequate driver vetting/training or vehicle maintenance issues contribute to the accident

    • Manufacturers of safety defects in essential components like tires, brakes, or mirrors cause the rollover

    • Government agencies if poor road infrastructure, such as potholes or poor signage, causes the accident

    • A third-party driver if their traffic law violation causes the bus to swerve out of control

    Multiple parties could be liable for a single bus accident, although drivers are most commonly at fault. Determining liability requires a thorough investigation by qualified bus accident lawyers.

    Rights of Victims and Families

    Injured bus passengers or bereaved families have the right to pursue financial compensation by demonstrating another party’s negligence directly led to the suffering they endure. Beyond covering massive medical bills, lost income, and funeral costs, fair settlements represent the only way to practically incentivize safer vehicles and operating practices to avoid similar tragedies. Courts may award punitive damages if the at-fault party showed gross negligence.

    How to File a Bus Accident Claim?

    How you file a claim and when depends largely on the liable party. If the bus is privately owned, you can file a claim with the company’s insurance company. However, if it is a city or county bus, then you must file a notice of claim with the relevant authority.

    Filing a claim against the city or county has a different statute of limitations, so it’s crucial to be aware of the time limit that applies to your case. That said, here’s how to file a bus accident claim:

    1. Consult an attorney: Consider consulting with an experienced bus accident attorney. They can assess the strength of your case, guide you through the legal process, and advocate for your rights.
    2. Gather medical records: Collect all medical records related to injuries sustained in the accident. This documentation will be crucial for establishing the extent of your damages. Your attorney can help you collect other necessary evidence for your claim, including police reports and accident scene evidence.
    3. File your claim: Depending on the liable party and the details of your case, you may need to file your claim with an insurance company or a local government agency. Your lawyer will guide you through the process and negotiate a fair settlement.
    4. File a Lawsuit, if Necessary: If a fair settlement cannot be reached through negotiations, your attorney may advise filing a lawsuit against the responsible parties. This legal action may lead to a trial or a settlement during the litigation process.

    Dressie Law Firm Can Help You

    Bus rollover crashes can have catastrophic consequences on the passengers and other road users. These accidents often lead to permanent disabilities and death.

    Personal injury attorneys at Dressie Law Firm are dedicated to helping injured passengers and grieving families pursue fair compensation. Our track record of successful settlements shows our commitment to helping victims and their families get back on their feet as soon as possible.

    If you or someone you love has recently been a victim of a bus rollover, a knowledgeable attorney from Dressie Law Firm can help you. Contact our compassionate legal team for a free initial consultation today to explore your rights and options.

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