How Hard Is the Georgia Bar Exam?

Jun 13, 2023

The Georgia bar exam is a rigorous evaluation of an individual’s knowledge of the law and their ability to apply it correctly. The exam consists of two parts: the Multistate Bar Examination (MBE) and the Georgia Essay Exam.

The MBE consists of 200 multiple-choice questions covering various nationwide legal subjects, such as constitutional law, contracts, criminal law, evidence, etc., while the essay portion requires candidates to demonstrate their understanding of Georgia law through written responses to hypothetical legal scenarios.

Georgia Bar Exam Statistics

The pass rate for the February 2023 Georgia Bar stood at just under half of all takers. First-time takers who attended an ABA-approved law school in Georgia had a 70 percent pass rate, and applicants who took the one-day attorneys’ exam had an 81 percent pass rate. Repeat takers had a cumulative pass rate of 37 percent.

While the pass rate for test takers who attended ABA-approved law schools in Georgia was relatively high, the significant overall failure rate is a good reminder of the fundamental difficulty of the test and the importance of preparation.

The Hardest Components of the Georgia Bar Exam

Many candidates find the essay portion of the Georgia bar exam to be especially challenging, as it requires strong analytical and writing skills. Candidates must craft well-structured and persuasive responses that analyze the facts presented, identify legal issues, apply relevant laws and present their arguments clearly and persuasively. It demands not only a strong understanding of the law but also the capacity to articulate legal analysis effectively within a limited timeframe.

On that note, many also consider the time constraint of Georgia’s Bar Exam to be difficult. Both the MBE and the essay portion are time-limited, meaning candidates must efficiently manage their time to complete all the questions and essays within the allocated timeframe. This requires an individual to think critically and make quick decisions while under pressure.

How to Increase Your Chances of Passing the Georgia Bar Exam

  • Start Early: Begin your bar exam preparation well in advance so that you have plenty of time to study and review. You should also create a structured study plan that covers all the necessary topics and helps you allocate enough time for each subject.
  • Familiarize Yourself with the Exam Format: Understand the structure, content and timing of each section of the Georgia Bar Exam through practice exams. From knowing the number of questions in the MBE and the time limits for each section to the expectations for the essay portion – memorizing the format is essential to managing your time effectively during the exam.
  • Develop Strong Essay Writing Skills: The essay portion of the Georgia Bar Exam requires reliable analytical and writing abilities. Practice writing sample essays within a time limit, honing your ability to write concisely and persuasively while on the clock, especially if writing isn’t your strong suit. Recognizing your weak areas and giving yourself more time to study them can help you become a stronger examinee. 
  • Utilize Available Resources: Make sure you’re taking advantage of study materials, such as review books, sample questions, online resources and bar prep courses, to bolster your comprehension of the exam’s subjects. The Georgia Bar makes past essay questions and sample answers available to studiers. 
  • Practice Frequently: Practice exams will not only help you become familiar with the types of questions you might be asked but can also help you manage your time efficiently during the actual exam. 
  • Stay Positive and Manage Stress: While this might seem insignificant, upholding a positive mindset can help lower your stress and anxiety levels, allowing you to perform at your best. Practice deep breathing exercises and meditation to stay relaxed for the exam.
  • Seek Guidance: Join or form a study group with fellow bar exam takers. Collaborating with others can foster a supportive environment that allows you to share study strategies and practice with peers. You can also seek advice from experienced attorneys who have successfully passed the Georgia Bar Exam.

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