Common Mistakes Made in the Courtroom by Georgia Personal Injury Lawyers

Dec 20, 2021

When you hire a personal injury lawyer after you’ve been injured in a car crashslip and fall or workplace accident, you’re putting a lot on the line. Your case is just a job to some lawyers, but its outcome could potentially alter you and your family’s entire future.

Finding a personal injury lawyer who understands how serious your situation is and is willing to put in the time and effort necessary to get the best outcome is vital.

Most cases don’t go all the way to a trial. A good personal injury lawyer can often investigate the situation and negotiate a settlement without needing to argue before a judge and jury. However, there are situations where a trial is the only way for injured people to get the compensation they deserve.

There’s a difference between a lawyer who just negotiates for a living and a trial lawyer. At the Dressie Law Firm we’re proud to be trial lawyers who understand the ins and outs of trials. We strive to avoid common trial mistakes that could jeopardize our clients’ cases.

Lack of Preparation

Investigating an accident, finding all available evidence and putting it together to build the most compelling case possible is of vital importance when preparing for a trial. Experienced lawyers waste no time in identifying and subpoenaing witnesses and take all the steps necessary to get evidence admitted in time.

Being Condescending or Disrespectful

How a judge or jury perceives you, your injury claim and your attorney matters if your case goes to trial. Personal injury lawyers who come off as abrasive, condescending or dismissive often leave a poor impression on the people you need to win over. A good trial lawyer should treat everyone in the courtroom with respect and professional courtesy. Be wary of lawyers that leave a bad personal impression when you consult with them.

Acting Disingenuous

Unfortunately, many people have sometimes uncharitable opinions of attorneys. Despite what you may have heard, not all lawyers are dishonest or manipulative. However, there are certainly lawyers that give people that impression with the way they act or speak.

Judges and juries, like most people, are perceptive when it comes to people being dishonest or disingenuous. It helps when a lawyer truly believes in their case and is committed to doing what’s right by their client.

Appeal Mistakes

There are several mistakes that may make appeals impossible or difficult if a personal injury case is wrongfully decided against the plaintiff. Lawyers need to recognize appealable decisions and act quickly enough to appeal while the window is open. A lawyer who is intimately familiar with the Civil Procedure Code of Georgia and understands local judgement rules should have the knowledge to avoid appeal mistakes.

Failing to Make the Right Objections

Missed objections can have drastic consequences on a case for both the plaintiff and the defendant. It’s vital a trial lawyer recognizes and acts quickly when objecting to evidence or moving to strike. They must also obtain a ruling, regardless of how the ruling goes, in order to use it for a future appeal. A trial lawyer should know how to object on proper grounds to ensure its applicable for appellate review in the future.

Being Inexperienced With a Case

The fundamental purpose behind personal injury cases is pretty much the same. The defendant’s negligence resulted in the plaintiff’s injuries, so the defendant should pay for the plaintiff’s damages.

Beyond this basic premise, there’s an enormous amount of diversity in personal injury cases. What your lawyer needs to prove in an auto accident injury case is entirely different from the facts they need to establish for a successful medical malpractice case or a slip and fall case.

If a lawyer dedicates 90 percent of their practice to auto accident injuries, they might not have the experience or skillsets to handle a commercial truck crashworkers’ comp or premises liability case. When you’re interviewing lawyers during free consultations, make sure you’re asking about the types of cases they’re familiar with taking.

Work With Experienced Georgia Personal Injury Trial Lawyers

At the Dressie Law Firm we pride ourselves on the knowledge and skill of our trial lawyers. Although we always try to find the personal injury solution that will maximize our clients’ compensation as quickly as possible, reaching fair settlements through negotiation isn’t always possible.


If a trial is the only way our client will win the damages they’re owed, we’re willing to put in the necessary time and effort. You can schedule a free consultation with the Dressie Law Firm by calling 770-756-6333.