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The Role of an Atlanta Birth Injury Lawyer

The arrival of a new baby is normally a happy occasion filled with anticipation and hope for a bright future. Expecting parents naturally assume that the birth process will be safe and medically sound. However, if you find yourself reading this, it’s likely because you or someone you care about has experienced the heartbreak of a birth injury due to medical malpractice.

The Dressie Law Firm offers personal injury representation in cases involving newborns or mothers who have suffered injury during birth. Our personal injury lawyers are dedicated to securing the compensation you deserve. We understand the devastating impact these injuries can have on families and provide legal support to help you navigate the challenges ahead.

The attorneys at our firm will be there every step of the way to guide you and provide you with the assistance you require. We will work closely with you to build a strong case and fight for the best possible outcome. Contact us today to get started.

    Birth Injuries, Causes, and Potential Claims in Atlanta

    Regarding birth injuries, various factors can contribute to their occurrence, and identifying the responsible parties is crucial. Some common types of medical malpractice that cause birth injuries include:

    • Inappropriate utilization of forceps or suction during delivery
    • Neglecting maternal infections and failing to provide treatment
    • Failure to recognize alterations in the baby’s or mother’s condition
    • Failure to diagnose or address complications during labor
    • Failure to consult with a specialist
    • Delay or failure to order a cesarean section

    You may have a valid claim if your birth injuries resulted from negligence. Consulting with a lawyer in Atlanta is a crucial step to evaluate your situation and understand your legal options.

    Parties Frequently Liable for Birth Injuries

    In birth injury cases, several parties within healthcare facilities in Atlanta may be found liable for the injuries, including:

    • Obstetricians
    • Gynecologists
    • Physicians
    • Pediatricians
    • Midwives and certified nurse midwives
    • Nurses and nursing assistants
    • Other professionals offering prenatal and postnatal care

    You can rely on our firm to investigate your case to determine negligence and the negligent party’s liability.

    Common Birth Injuries

    While significant advances in medical care have reduced the incidence of severe birth injuries, such injuries can still occur. Some of the serious and common birth injuries that may warrant a claim include:

    • Bleeding in the baby’s brain
    • Nerve injury, including nerve paralysis
    • Broken bones
    • Loss of oxygen, leading to organ damage, especially in the brain and kidneys
    • Cerebral palsy
    • Erb’s palsy
    • Spinal cord injury
    • Internal bleeding
    • Umbilical cord strangulation

    When you are uncertain as to whether your child’s injury qualifies for a malpractice claim, it can be beneficial to seek guidance from one of our personal injury attorneys.

    Seeking Compensation in Atlanta Birth Injury Cases

    In a birth injury case, seeking damages is critical to obtaining the necessary support for both the mother and child. Both the mother and the child are entitled to all essential medical expenses, which may include future treatment costs. Given that a child, in particular, may require ongoing treatment and support throughout their life, securing financial assistance is crucial.

    Additionally, the mother can claim wages lost resulting from the birth injury. Both parties may seek compensation for pain and suffering.

    In the heartbreaking event of a birth injury that leads to the death of a child, parents can also sue for wrongful death.

    Damages in birth injury cases fall into two categories: economic and non-economic. Economic damages include quantifiable losses like lost wages and medical expenses. Non-economic damages encompass intangible impacts on your life, such as pain or emotional distress.

    In Atlanta, the statute of limitations for birth injury cases is technically two years. However, it doesn’t start until a child’s fifth birthday, extending the deadline to seven years. Acting promptly is essential, as delaying your claim could reduce your chances of receiving full compensation for your birth injury.

    How An Attorney Can Help You File a Birth Injury Claim

    At The Dressie Law Firm, we handle various Atlanta birth injury claims, including:

    • Bilirubin

    • Brachial plexus injury

    • Brain cooling and brain injuries

    • Chemicalcongenital disabilitiess

    • Cerebral palsy and Erb’s palsy

    • Hypoxic Ischemic Encephalopathy (HIE)

    • Delays in development

    • Kernicterus

    • Pitocin

    • Premature delivery

    • Paraplegia & quadriplegia

    • Mental retardation

    • Microcephaly

    • Spinal cord injuries

    • Labor and delivery problems

    Our streamlined birth injury claim process includes the following:

    • Assessment: We evaluate your case, estimate potential compensation, and honestly appraise your chances.

    • Evidence gathering: We assist in collecting vital evidence to strengthen your claim, from medical records to witness statements.

    • Negotiation: Engaging with insurance companies, we aim for a prompt and fair settlement to minimize delays.

    • Court representation: Prepared for courtroom litigation, we ensure vigorous advocacy when needed.

    • Emotional support: We provide compassionate guidance to reduce stress, allowing you to focus on recovery.

    • Timely action: Meeting all legal requirements and deadlines, we ensure accurate paperwork filing to safeguard your claim.

    • Maximize compensation: We aim to secure maximum compensation, covering economic and non-economic damages.

    At The Dressie Law Firm, we simplify the birth injury claim process, helping you pursue the compensation you deserve, regardless of its complexity.

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